24hour Buggy race in SPO – 1st place with the Chrono

Posted on July 11th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hi everyone,

the weekend of the 28th June the German buggy association organized the 24 hour of St.Peter-Ording once again.

50 teams entered with max three riders per team. Max and his teammates went for it and scored logging 636km in pretty light wind conditions using the Chrono. They preferred the Chrono compared to the Quantum as the easiness and the stability made it the perfect kite for such long rides. Read on for Maxis report below:

“After two days training with very good weather the 24h of St. Peter-Ording began at Saturday 13 o’clock.

For the mission “WIN 24h of SPO” Dennis, Mark and I (Maximilian) took the Chrono. I started with the 12m Chrono in perfect conditions. In difference to the other teams, which had to change the kites and drivers as a result of the changing wind conditions I could drive long runs. After two hours Dennis started his run with the 15m, but he had to come in after a short time because the wind dropped down and Mark had to go out with the 18m. He drove one hour when all teams had a break of 1.5 h because of the dropped wind.

The night started also with light wind, Dennis drove the 18m. The wind picked up and Mark took the 15m. Coming out of the night with an advantage of 10 km, the wind picked up and we changed the drivers every 1.5 hours. At the end we had to change the kites from 15m to 12m and at 13:07 the race ended.

After really hard 24 hours but with a lot of fun we won the 24h of St. Peter-Ording with 636 km.

Thanks to Ozone for this awesome Kite and thanks to my best teammates Mark, Dennis and our helper Jessica.”

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