AJ Philipsen – The Comeback!

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hey guys,

The start of 2014 was not to great for me as I had to have surgery on my knee which put me out of action a quite a few months. I was determined to come back stronger than before so with lots of rest, weeks of intensive physio and a strong mindset. After weeks of training I was finally getting there when there was a knock at my door, it was a delivery of the new 2014 C4 kites. Now I knew I had to speed up my recovery so I could use them. A few weeks later I was cleared to kite so first thing I did was grab my kites and head for the beach.

The wind was light but this was a good thing so I could ease myself back in gently, what I did not realize was how good the 2014 C4 would be in light wind and how much power I would have. It amazed me how much more power they had in the light wind, I could not control myself and started throwing tricks to see what I could do in such light wind. They have a really smooth and quick flight with loads of pop when you want it, what I really like about the C4’s is that they are loop machines and will drive all the way around the loop with power and no pivoting meaning you always get a powered loop. I really recommend getting a go on a demo and opening up a can of man up and seeing what these kites can really do.

I started work on a new video to show how hard I wanted to come back from not being able to walk to doing tricks that no one else can or will dare try and in the short few sessions I managed to get out in I succeeded.

Its good to be back and be on such amazing kites, cheers Ozone epic work!

I would like to thank and my friends, family and sponsors.

Keep riding hard people
AJ Philipsen

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