Alex Lewis Hughes

Alex Lewis-Hughes aka Sir Rowdy or Rowdy

  • Date of Birth: 14/09/86
  • Website: instagram – le_tranq
  • Discipline: wave, wakestyle, wakeskate
  • Competitive Highlights: 3x National Wavesailing Champ, 8x National Slider Champ, 3x Coconet Champ
  • Home spot: Ballina/ Lennox Head
  • Favourite Spots: North Coast of NSW
  • Favourite Gear: Ozone, Axis
  • Favourite Moves: Wrapped Tricks, BS180s
  • More important than kiting: Living
  • Inspiration: Anyone who does what they want
  • What do you do in free time?: Waste money on camera stuff
  • What’s on your iPod: A lot of different stuff. Stones Throw records has been a constant though
  • Future plans and goals: Live, Have fun
  • Dream session: 2ft kickers, cross shore wind
  • Other Sponsors: Axis
  • Interesting saying: You can’t go somewhere before you go nowhere
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