Andy Yates – 2015 Ozone goodness – simplicity at its best

Posted on November 21st, 2014 by Ozone Kitesurf

As the worldwide release of the new Ozone products nears, I thought I would share some of my experiences on the 2015 C4 and Zephyr.
The Ozone team and myself were recently on location in Mauritius fine-tuning and shooting the 2015 Ozone range. I was nothing but impressed by the work Ozone had no doubt put into R&D. My first impressions of the whole range of kites were nothing but positive. Given my experience on past years’ Ozone kites I felt immediately at home on the 2015 range.

The new C4 especially impressed me. It’s my main kite that I ride throughout the season and something that I grow to become incredibly familiar with. The new C4 is amazing. It has maintained all the characteristics you’ve come to know and love, and somehow become more crisp and explosive. I did some unhooked loops in Mauritius, and almost killed myself – in a good way of course!! The loops are just so much more aggressive which makes you think you’re going to get owned, but then it catches you and takes you down for an ever-so-soft landing. It parks well and sits perfectly in place for an aggressive constant pull but also slack lines when you need it for handle passes.

The new Zephyr saw fewer design changes. After the overwhelmingly positive response to the previous model, Rob Whittall and Torrin Bright have kept the basic plan form and profile the same, which has maintained the Zephyr’s feel and superior light-wind performance. Many seemingly small things have been changed that cumulatively make for a noticeable improvement. I have been amazed at how well the Zephyr has been received by all kinds of riders since its introduction into the market. I love it because I can be the first one out on the water throwing down my tricks. The thing is an absolute beast and for wakestyle moves you can park it where you want, completely forget about it during your trick, land, ride away, hook back in, check to see if any of your friends had seen it, and then eventually, glance back to find it right where you left it – classic.

Although a bit of a change up from past years’ ranges, design on the new kites has gone for a unified look which visually connects all the models. This is cool!! I call it the flying V. After seeing the new kites it’s obvious what Ozone are going with for this season – simplicity at its best!!

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the new kites – I’m sure you will.

Andy Yates

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