Ash Garwood – BKSA Round 1

Posted on May 17th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

Team rider Ash Garwood tells all about his recent venture

Finally the South-east has been released from winter and spring has begun to set in.

Its been a tough winter for kite land boarding, with the loss of Power Kite mag and poor riding conditions at the start of the season couldn’t come any sooner.

For me it was a welcome start to another summer, doing what I love best, pushing kite land boarding to its limits.

The BKSA returned to my home spot, the Essex Kite Park for the second year following a successful first year, with good wind conditions predicted and clear skies it was promising to be a cracker! Competing at home is always a special experience not only for the home field advantage but also for the chance for your local crowd seeing what you are capable of doing.

The weekend for me started on Friday, after a rush from work I settled down at the kite park with a pitched tent and a few evening beers watching the sunset. When the sun was down I managed to persuade some fellow riders including current British land board champ Lolo to have a night session on the kicker. This was something I’ve always wanted to do, it provides a unique opportunity to get some awesome shots. With a fanfare of photographers and a good breeze, myself and fellow riders from all over Europe had an intense night session!

On Saturday I woke up to a stiff breeze and BKSA flags, after registration I eagerly awaited the start of the competition. With good south-westerly winds the competition was going ahead and I was up in the first heat against current British champ Lolo.

The heat started with a big gust of wind, propelling myself and Lolo into big jumps! My aim for the comp was to keep it simple and land as many tricks as possible, I was off to a good start landing handle passes, board off variations and multiple rotations. When the end of the round came I was told I won advancing me to the final.

The final came around and it was myself, Lolo from France and Emmanuelle Norman from Germany. With a multinational final identical to last year it promised to be an awesome heat. My aim was similar to last time but I knew I had to step up a gear with Emmanuelle boosting massive handle passes and Lolo consistently going big I knew I needed to pull the rabbit out of the hat! With gusty winds I managed again to land handle passes, multiple rotations and some nice unhooked style. Unfortunately the heat was re-run due to Emmanuelle and Lolo getting their kites tangled in the first minuet, so with another five minutes I built on my previous points to mark the end of another great competition.

The prize giving came later Saturday evening and with massive suspense it was announced I had managed Second place ahead of Lolo and behind Emmanuelle. I was super stoked with the result Emmanuelle deserved the win for his massive unhooked boosts and passes. Big up to every one whom competed and to every one for making this a great weekend!

Thanks goes to and for their continued support, for info on rankings and coming land competitions go to

Ash Garwood

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