Ash Garwood – British Landboard Champs

Posted on September 26th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

What a year.

At the end of last season the UK land kiting scene was in a very different place. There were no champions and there hadn’t been an actual ‘British’ Land board pro champion for two years. The scene felt failed by our NGB the BKSA.

So when Craig Sparks spoke to me and asked for my opinion on the idea for RawKite I immediately said yes and the rest as they say is history.

For the first time a tour had been designed by riders with the aim of progressing the UK land kite scene. I think on a whole we have done a lot more than just that!

With Craig landing big sponsorship deals for the events including RedBull, Monster and Maxtrack the path was set for a new tour.

Having previously placed first at the Pembrey and Essex Kite Park cups I came to Westward Ho in a very good position. My weapon of choice this time considering the low conditions was with out a doubt going to be the Ozone Chrono. It proved to me at the Essex Cup that it was a formidable opponent with is handling and stability.

It’s incredible to see the transformation land kiting has undergone. The first time I went to the Ho in 2009, it was sort of a foil what? Kind of scene. Every big name in land boarding was on an LEI it was as simple as that.

But over the next few years high performance foils really caught up and completely took over the scene with Europe being the main driver. Once Ozone released the Chrono I was hooked and have found it very difficult to use any thing else.

So the competition was on, I managed to breeze through my starting heats putting me in the Semi’s against team mate Floyd who was also riding a Chrono.

After a close fought battle I came out on top and advanced to the finals.

Floyd didn’t give up though, using the 15m Chrono to his advantage, producing some of the best hooked in rotations and board off combinations in the world he also manage to land a spot in the final after beating Trampa team mate Kriss Beech.

So the battle was set, it was Chrono v Chrono, myself on the 18 and Floyd on the 15. The conditions were a bit stronger than the at the start of the competition so it meant that we were going to go big and we did! I was able to produce some huge multiple rotations, board off combinations and some awesome transitions rarely missing a trick. Floyd was also doing some incredible riding. It proved a close decision from the judges.

But in the end I was named the winner of the Westward Ho Cup, making me the British Champion for Pro Kite Land Boarding. It has been a long time coming but I am so proud to have made it! I cannot thank Maxtrack and Ozone enough for the help and equipment to make this happen.

I don’t think ill stop here, the UK scene still has a long way to go so I think ill stick around until the scene is big enough with out me. See you next year!!!

Ash Garwood

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