Ash Garwood – MTB Contest Dunkerque

Posted on May 4th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

After years of saying to my self that I will go to a European event I finally pulled my finger out and went to one!

I have to start with saying just how excited I am for the year ahead. What a fantastic year for land kiting 2014 is going to be. With the RawKite tour happening in Britain and the KLBB in Europe.

Not so long ago I was writing about how downhill the British scene was going but now I feel a renewed sense of passion and I have to say a big sigh of relief.

The first event of the year incase you haven’t guessed it was the MTB Contest Dunkerque, the first round of the KLBB.

The weekend consisted of two parts; Race and Freestyle.

It’s a very different format to what I’m use to as I have never really raced before, thankfully though we had some of Ozone’s new Chrono’s on hand to help me out.

The race was an exciting nightmare in short, with so many kites packed into one space it was a great to be a part of it. I can certainly see why so many riders out there are wining on the Chrono’s, with is superior light wind capabilities and incredible upwind performance it was sad that I couldn’t give them justice and ride hard.

After the race I managed to have a go on the 12m Chrono for a cheeky freestlye session and nothing quiet prepared me for what happened next. For those that don’t know my style of riding well its always full throttle. Having been a strong advocate of LEI’s for some time riding only with C4’s a foil kite would have to be nothing short of heart stopping for me to consider ever using one.

Well all I can say is, who needs a heart!


After trying the 15m Chrono some weeks before Dunkerque I knew they were good but I was so unprepared for how good the 12 would be. With enough pop, float and sheer height to clear Everest this kite will change peoples view on what foil kites are capable of!

Enough foil talk for now, on to the freestyle.

The competition was played out over two days with the first round being done on Saturday evening and the remaining heats completed during the course of Sunday.

With a perfect beach and clean consistent winds my first heat went very well, i passed with flying colors getting me to the next round.

With lower winds on Sunday and a slightly unfavourable cross off direction Sunday was going to be difficult. Thankfully though after years of competing against big kites in low winds I finally learned something and brought myself a big kite too!

The 14m C4 is the perfect weapon for low winds, combining a good low end with a fast turn for better pop. This was to be my lucky charm that carried me all the way to the final.

The final was with non other than the French machine Laurent Guyot, one of the best riders In the world at the moment he would prove tough to beat and unfortunately a challenge to far. With the day taking its toll Laurent had the power to keep pushing and delivered a great technical heat beating me with a unanimous vote from the judges.

But with a second place out of 40 competitors I am stoked with the result.

What a great competition, loads of competitors, brilliant location and better yet great wind!

Well that just leaves me to say a massive thanks to my sponsors, TrampaBoards, Ozone Kites.

Ride safe peeps.

Ash Garwood.

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