Ash Garwood – RawKite British Land Tour Round 1

Posted on May 14th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

After months of work by a dedicated team of riders from all disciplines including myself, the date was Friday the 2nd of May and the location Pembrey Sands in Wales.

What am I talking about? The First round of the RawKite British Land Kite Tour.

It has been a long time since I have been excited for a British competition; it became more of a necessity than an enjoyment. I think that is a major factor in what led the BKSA tour to its demise, that and say the lack of rounds, sponsorship and general crap that came with one of their competitions.

Riders had declared enough, fed up of no wind competition, fed up of second best locations and fed up of the British crown being held outside the UK.

It was time to make a stand and long time buggy advocate Craig Sparks was to step up to the plate and pull every one together to make something incredible, and I have to say, he pulled it off!

Having played a part in the organization as well as securing a round at my local spot Essex Kite Park, I was very excited for the first event.

It began with a long drive from Southend to pretty much the opposite side of the Country; we arrived late Friday and settled in for the first night.

The first competition day began with a light breeze, enough for a competition and enough for a free ride on the new set of Ozone Chrono’s we’ve been given.

Pembrey beech in southwest wales is one of the hardest beeches around so it was perfect for my HolyPro TrampaBoard allowing me to ride smoothly and fluent. That and the Chrono’s made for a perfect light wind session.

Ozone and Trampa team riders Jack and Floyd took to the Chrono’s instantly enjoying a new feel of power for such light winds.

It wasn’t long before we let buggy extraordinaire Adam Toms loose on the 18m and he didn’t disappoint, quickly showing that the Chrono’s were something to beat on this years competition scene.

After we run the amateur competitions, both buggy and land board, the wind had dropped to a near zero so naturally the only kites capable of flying were ours. This allowed us to free ride all day jumping, pulling multiple rotations and board off’s.

The day ended with cans of Redbull and some incredible food to go with. Topped off with a Function One System and some great tunes.

We woke on the Sunday to less wind but with our optimistic hats on we headed to the beech.

The breeze was building and it was competition day!

The heats started with the Land board Pro and I was up first against Trampa team mate Floyde. The heat started well, with both of us throwing down some great multiple rotations. I was nicely powered on my 14m C4, its massive low end combined with its speed and pop allowed me to perform a huge range of tricks. In the end I had over come the challenges and won the heat.

Next up I had another Trampa team mate Kriss Beech, The wind was starting to drop so we both went out there on our big kites. Our boards the TrampaBoards HolyPro at the ready.

And we were off, the wind was lower but I was still able to pull off some great multiple rotations, handle passes and landings to blind.

It came to an end all to quickly and after a long battle I came out on top, My range of tricks and consistency too much for Kris.

But after all of that work the competition was abandoned, Leaving me with a joint first with Kris Beech, Abe Azoulman and Will Rose.

A disappointing but rewarding end none the less.

What an event, with 22 registered competitors and some great riding had by all it was one of the best weekends of the year so far!

A huge thanks has to go out to Craig Sparks and all the RawKite team for setting up and running the event.

An even bigger thanks to my sponsors who have continued to support me in my passion for competition, one day I will get there.

Thanks for reading.

Ash Garwood.

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