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Posted on October 2nd, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

The Kite Park Championships

Get your kites out because a new event is here!…

How many times have you heard that phrase? I personally have heard that phrase countless times over my many years kiting, but when does an event come along that actually breaks the norm and is truly built for the riders? Well here at Essex kite park we have done just that; an event made for the riders by the riders.

When Essex Kite Park Club Chairman, Jay Boroughs said to me we need to raise more money for rent, together we had a great idea. The idea was to create a competition. Although that’s nothing new what we wanted to do was create the comp in the riders own image something I believe has never been done before.

So I immediately started to get hold of all the riders I could think of to gain feed back and begin the foundation to our event. After some great feed back was given from riders of all walks the scene was set and our new creation was called The Kite Park Championships.

The Competition was to be divided in to Amateur, Pro and Junior categories with 2 competitions judged 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a final riders champion voted for by every one.

The week came around very quick, quicker than I personally wanted to as it was my first event where I was the main organizer. Naturally I was nervous, not because of conditions but because I want to do the scene proud. Kite land boarding has been in my blood ever since I was a little nipper and nothing would please me more than to see our sport share a rank with the big ones like skate boarding and BMX.

With my favorite conditions predicted for Essex Kite Park I was very excited to get out and ride with fellow competitors and old friends. After a quick riders meeting in the morning, every one was set and primed for a days competition.  Now the warm up is out of the way the competition was off, with every one-stepping in to judge the riders were able to relax, listen to some tunes and have a good time.

After a windy day the competition had come to an end.

With my self presenting the prizes with Ted from TrampaBoards, i was pleased to announce that fellow rider and local legend Jack Elston had took first in the pro’s marking his return to the competition scene with a big plus!

The over all results were:

Pro Mens:
1st Jack Elston (Ozone, Trampabaords, Supremebeing)
2nd Aj Phillipsen (Ozone, MBS)
3rd Chris Beech

Amature mens:
1st Will Rose
2nd Thomas
3rd Christian

Mens Buggy:
1st Adam Toms
2nd Phill Revill
3rd Chris Palmer

The result of the weekend was over £500 to Essex Kite Park getting the club well on its way to their over all rent and with another event planned for October we hope to smash out target!

I would just like to thank our Sponsors, Ozone kites, Trampaboards and Maxtrack. They played a big part in helping us get the event going and even more props to Ted from Trampa who managed to come down not only to drop of prizes for the event but to hand them out too!

I’m only left to thank you guys the people for coming, what a great event it was and with even more time for next year im sure we can make it work even better for 2014.

So it appears competition is still relevant but maybe in a different format to the old style, Ozone International riders Aj Phillipsen and Jack Elston talk Competition, past, present and future.

Thanks for reading
Ash Garwood

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