BCH races 18-19 October at Ijmuiden, Netherlands

Posted on October 24th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hi Guys,

With the start of the new season, my teammate from The Netherlands, Mark Van den Berg invited me to participate in the master races at Ijmuiden, Netherlands. Of course I accepted this because we would get our new Chrono 9m² that weekend.

As the forecast was looking incredibly good, we arrived quite early on Saturday. Mark was even driving in the dark with his 9m²! Spoken of motivation. We started the first race both with our 9m² Ozone Chrono on 15m lines. In this offshore and gusty wind, together with my Xxtreme Apexx, it was the best choice. I managed to win this race and Mark took 2nd place. Our lead to no-depower kites, was over 500 meters! Immediately we came to the conclusion that depower also has a big advantage on kite-buggy races!

The 2nd and 3rd race I also managed to win on the 9m² Chrono. Mark finished every race in the top 3. Our lead to handle kites drivers, was over 1 minute on a 20 minute race.

On Sunday the wind picked up and also more onshore. No more gusty wind.  We both opted again for the 9m² Chrono which was overpowered. As we don’t yet have a smaller one, we had to try it. The lead on the handles kites was big enough so we didn’t have to take any risks and let the depower of the Chrono do the work. This seemed to work out with Mark and myself finishing every race in the top 3. With speeds of 80 km/h on the downwind track it was a very exciting day!

After 6 races, I only had 4 points and with this I won the event! Mark joined me at the stage with 3rd place.

Big thumbs up to Ozone team for designing the Chrono. Kite-buggy racing has never had such a jump forward. The way you race is more effective at turning markers, upwind and downwind performance has been increased with over 10% against handle kites.

I can’t wait to race this beast again and unleash it!

Good winds!
David Van Boven

Pics by Jos Miermans, Julian Hagedoorn and Joshua Koppes

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