CHRONO – New era, the beginning of a legend?

Posted on April 16th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

The Chronos have been in the hands of customers for five weeks now and we have been receiving amazing feedback from all around the world, this gives us a proud feeling bringing you another new product you are stoked to ride and that is bringing home results. For the team at Ozone this not just a new product but also for a new market we haven’t really delivered in before. The performance is truly outstanding and even we are surprised about it every time we get our hands onto it. The combination of performance, depower, stability, handling and bar feel has never been seen before and even convinces the die hard tube kite lovers and kiters that have been on other brands light wind foil kites that the Chrono is a kite to have.

Dom just got back from the RedBull Ragnarok Race where the Chrono was subject to a lot of talk and in those sub 10 knots winds there was no question that the only kite you can win on is the Chrono. Scoring place 1,2,3 on skis and 1 on Snowboard is just incredible regarding the fact that there were 5 guys on Chrono in total.

Our Foil R&D Rider Dom Zimmermann went to a whole lot of race events this winter riding the production samples Chronos and handing them out to other riders. Since then he won every single race he entered but one that he had to give the lead to his team mate and Kitesurf Worldchampion – Flo Gruber.

The first success was in Russia where Dom and RU Ozone Team Rider Farid smoked it on a +50km marathon with a massive gap to the 3rd place. That meant a lot as the Russians are fully into racing with special designed race kites and super long speed skies.

On the international snowkite championship at Lake Resia – Italy Dom showed off once again with the Chrono and won all five races.

At the we also had a big day racing at the Silvaplana Lake. The Chrono was dominating big time once again

At the RedBull Ragnarok in Norway had very light wind but with the Chrono 18 & 15m it was just a laugh and Dom showed off it’s domination in the race once more with Flo Gruber becoming 2nd and the 3rd place also on Chrono. Sigve Botnen nailed the 1st in the Snowboard category.

Last but not least the great snowkite Enduro Race “Vake” has just finished and the 15m was the light wind weapon for the winning team! We will post some news as soon as the riders are back with their full reports. Check out for some more info!

Apart from the great racing results we are receiving more and more feedback from happy customers who are getting their first sessions in on the Chrono. Everyone is amazed by it’s performance and ease of use. It’s a true freeride fun boosting machine with massive potential for racing. So if you haven’t tried one yet – make sure you do soon!

Check out the Chronos product page for more information and videos

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