David Van Boven – 1st Place Belgian Gluwhein Cup

Posted on December 19th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

Gluwhein Cup 7th of December

While in other countries the first half of the season already passed by, in Belgium we still had to the first race!

I don’t wonder why other countries have a winter break. In Belgium we always run thru water @ De Panne, getting ourselves wet by the sea water.

Last year I found a solution for this: Disc wheels! I bought the thinnest wheels which will get me thru water without splashing up to much. I ended up with talon hubs and excel rims. These things are used in motorcross so should be strong enough!

We welcomed some French and Dutch racers and could start the 1st race directly. Getting my hands on the 11,2m² Ozone Quantum. The start was good and I could lead from start till end. With a big gap I finished 1st and the challenge was to keep hands and feet warm!

The 2nd race I opted for the same kite-size but the wind was building up after 15 minutes. The wind came in the length of the beach so it was a lot of tacking before we reached the French border. Then going full downwind with 3-4 tacks it was a technical course. The 2nd race I also ended 1st.

Last race would be the 3rd one because of incoming tide quickly. The wind also went up to 20 knots so I left the 11,2 in the tent and opted for the 5m², after doubting for the 6,3 or 7.5.

I was just in time for the start and noticed that the others had at least 1,5m² bigger. Lets make the best then! At the first maker I had the 1st place and started increasing my lead. But in round 3, my frontfork started making a weird noise. I quickly moved in to the technical zone and grabbed a key to make it tight again. After leaving the pits, I lost my 1st place and was riding 3rd. After tacking with risks, I catched Jeroen just before the half of the round. My only target was getting up with Julien in which I succeed only 1m before the finish line. I won with 1 frontwheel length.

Thumbs up to the Ozone Quantum showing it’s performance again. The Carbon Belly Plate protected my seat on the Xxtreme Apexx after all the dirt on the beach with the storm.

Thanks to Jos Miermans for using his pictures.

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