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Posted on July 6th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

Closing Race Belgium  – Belgium Champ 2012/2013

The 16th of June we had the final race for the championship. The forecast seemed quite good with the most of wind in the morning.
It was great arriving on the beach with a temperature above 15°c. With the last race we had 5°c and with then driving thru water, it is exhausting and extremely cold!

At the first race I took the green monster again. The 13,5 Quantum prototype. From the start it went perfect. Thanks to the acceleration of the Quantum I was on 1st place after 250meters. The wind was turning a bit all the time and at the 2nd lap I made a mistake with the turn and my kite got on the ground so the 2nd pilot managed to pass me. But then the wind turned more from sea and the course got more technical and I overtook him and increased my lead with half a lap.
1st place Yes! This meant I secured my 1st place in the championship. Big thumbs up for the Quantum designer. So good to fly with lot’s of stability and massive power.

After this race, I also got the 1st place and at the end of the day I could call myself, Belgium Champion 2012-2013. Always good to re-capture the Title!

Dutch National Races.

The 1st & 2nd of June the BCH had their race-weekend at Texel. This is an island in the North of Holland and always stands guarantee for a weekend with good weather and great races! Last year I managed to finish 3rd so I had a goal for myself.

On Saturday the wind was blasting and we got over 70 km/h in the race on the small track. As I did not had the small Quantum proto’s I chose the 4.5m Yakuza GT. I was a little bit underpowered but if I had taken the 5.5 it would have to big and I would have lost many places.

Sunday the wind would be less so I could ride the Quantum’s. At 07:30 I was on the beach with Mark van den Berg. Our teamrider from the Netherlands. As no-one else was there we chose for a session near the waterline. With the 7.5m and 9.5m we did tracks which were around 6-7km. Perfect session with the sun rising up!

The wind dropped when the 1st briefing was there and I chose the 13,5m Quantum proto. We managed to do 3 races in low wind and this gave me a 3rd, 2nd and another 3rd place. Robert Smits was on the 11m Quantum proto and was doing good with a smaller kite.
At the end of the day I finished 5th. Would have been much better if I had the smaller Quantum proto’s. But, they are coming soon so I’m looking forward!

Thanks for Ozone supporting me with these outstanding kites and to Xxtreme for the great Apexx buggy!

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