David Van Boven – Dominating the Dutch races with the Quantum!

Posted on October 30th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

Hi Folks,

As the new buggy season is starting, also the stormy winds are coming! All the week, the wind looked very promising for the weekend. Only the direction, offshore, wasn’t the thing we were hoping for.

Saturday, the 26th of October, Robert Smits and myself arrived at Ouddorp, Netherlands. During the ride we felt the wind gusts on the car and trailer and were hoping for a more stable wind at the beach, but it wasn’t so…

The 1st race, I took the 9,3 Ozone Quantum and Robert Smits the 7,5. I could get a good start and lead the race until the finish. Yes! Robert had some back luck and finished 8th.

As the wind picked up during the 1st race, we both opted for a size smaller, the 7,5 and 6,3. My start was bad and when I got to close to the dunes with this offshore and gusty wind, the kite couldn’t get in the wind and while struggling getting the kite up, everyone passed me. I learned from this bad move and stayed at the seaside on the downwind track. This made me come back to 4th place when Robert took 3rd!

After 2 open races it was the 3rd one for the master class. Still both on the same sizes as in the 2nd race. My start was ok again, and I could get 1st at the Finish in this very energy demanding conditions. My wrists still hurt from collecting the gusts with the handles. Luckily the stability of the Quantum proved itself during this offshore gusty wind! We managed to focus on the course and other pilots and could trust on the kite to stay were we placed her.

Waving away the sunny and dry weather on Saturday, we arrived in rain and 30+ knots offshore on Sunday. The organisation decided to call it a day and when some rainy clouds came over, we did the prizing ceremony.

With only 4 points, I managed to get on the first place, followed by Eric and Rens. Robert ended on 5th which placed him overall 4th now. Go for the podium overall mate!
Mark van den Berg, had some bad luck with other pilots and ended on 9th place.

Thanks to Julian Hagedoorn for the great pictures!

David Van Boven

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