Dom Zimmermann & Chrono – 1st Place Snowkite Marathon Race in Russia

Posted on February 10th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Hi everyone,

I’m just back from my trip to Russia – Tolyatti near Samara where I attended the local snowkite race competition. The Russians are fully into racing and from my experience from the past 13 years they where always hard to get in front of. Having 2 sets of Production sample Chronos in my bag I was desperate to see how they will perform against the race specific russian foil kites out there. The spot was on the river Wolga and as expected it was just massive… about 10km to the other side and endless in length. I had 3 good days to practice and getting my material set up. But man it can be cold out there. -15 to -20°C was just normal without wind chill… oh well had to deal with it anyway.

The event started Thursday but we could only race on Saturday and Sunday as there was not even the lightest breeze the first two days. 15-18 knots, white out, snow fall on Saturday and a 50km long course. Farid, our Russian team rider got the 2nd set Chronos and we both went for the 12m. Wind picked up more just before the start and we were fully lit. Right after the start we were pulling away with ease and I was surprised how much faster we were going than the others. Navigation to the 6.5km and 10km marks was key. Visibility was very bad so the use of the GPS was needed. It just went very smooth for me and using 21m lines in those winds with trimmer fully in made me going upwind like crazy. At the end I finished 5min in front of Farin and about 10min to the 3rd place. Burning legs, Sauna, Vodka…. game over!

Sunday the wind was a little lighter but again the 12m’s were our weapon of choice. Right after the start Farid and I pulled away again leaving the battle between us. He caught me on the 10km long upwind track as he had longer skis and 25m lines giving him a clear advantage in those lighter conditions. I thought he was gone, impossible for me to catch up when I realized I was getting closer in the last round. On the 10km downwind I tacked right after the mark to the other side giving me a turbo boost and about 2km before the finish line we both tacked for the final stretch side by side but I was about 50m further downwind giving me an advantage. Still one gust could have pushed Farin into a better line but I got lucky and came in first once more with only a couple of seconds between us.

We couldn’t hope for any better and the Chrono clearly showed it’s advantage and performance… It’s just so fast but easy and the angles it pulls you upwind is just unbelievable. Totally loving it and so is everyone testing it so far. Feedback from everyone who got their hands on them so far is amazing, completely stoked just as we are. And the lift and hangtime it has on offer making it the perfect high performance all round free ride kite also. I can’t wait for the upcoming races in Europe and will post more news as soon as they happen.

Check the GPS tracking of the last race here –


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