Eva Krul – Snowkite Chicks!

Posted on April 15th, 2013 by Ozone Snowkites

Passionate about snow and wind. Motivated for flying and riding hard…

Stoked about snowkiting, that’s what it is! With me a lot of other girls feel the same. When I started recording the snowkitechicks movie, I noticed it’s quite easy to capture our stoke. The twinkly eyes, the yes-nodding when we sit down and talk about all the possibility’s, tricks, trips and all there is to snowkiting. We understand eachother and we understand snowkiting and the beauty of it. As well as riding hard, we are riding happy!

Girls have all different kinds of reasons to go out snowkiting but we have one thing in common: We are snowkitechicks! Find out more about us by watching the snowkitechick movie. Get the stoke!

I’m hoping to meet even more girls next year! Because it’s one of the most amazing sports and everybody should try it.

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