Eveline Rijksen

  • Date of Birth: 04/12/1985
  • Website: www.facebook.com/eveline.rijksen/
  • Discipline:Freeride
  • Competitive Highlights:not what it’s about for me, give me warm water, 20knots, my crew and a new place to explore any day!! I ride for the stoke, the freedom and like sharing it with everyone on the water.
  • Home spot:Botany Bay, Sydney
  • Favourite Spots:  the next new one – I really enjoy going places that are inaccessible otherwise. Or if you really want an answer: Mele, Vanuatu; or SW Sardinia
  • Favourite Gear:7 & 10m Enduro V1. I thought I had the ultimate performance all-rounder with the Catalysts these last few years, but the Enduro has blown those out of the water! I happily take it anywhere, in any condition, with any board and am sure I’ll get the funnest sesh I possibly can
  • Favourite Moves:high-fiving any person that comes close enough
  • More important than kiting: I have an unhealthy fascination with cheese
  • Inspiration:people who smile on the water, it happens too little! Jalou Langeree for her fantastic style. And the guys and girls in our team – we have some shredders.
  • What do you do in free time?: travel, hike, swim, snowboard, care for my veggie patch
  • What’s on your iPod: I’m the worst, I only have podcasts and audio books. I completely rely on others to provide the music in my life
  • Future plans and goals:Travel, explore, kite as many new places I can find, snowkite!
  • Dream session:warm blue water, lagoon inside, reef break outside, 20knts solid, the crew and beers on the beach afterward
  • Other Sponsors:Kitepower, Hive swimwear
  • Interesting saying:‘Why not?’