Filipe Ribeiro – Frenzy 2014 Review

Posted on October 29th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

The Frenzy reputation is huge and knowing that the kite had been re designed this year as soon as it arrived anxiety took place!
The wind was perfect in our local spot the only drawback is that it was night… but who cares… let’s go!
I’ve phone a couple of friends and get on the way…

The first noticeable thing is the weight of the kite when you remove it from the bag… good sign! For me this is nothing new because I’m used to Ozone kites and its quality material but for some users that may be a surprise!

The bar is incredible, VERY simple and VERY effective!
Highlights on:
– the new Push Away Quick Release
– the Safety Modes
– the Megatron spinning handle (anti twist)

Even If you are a newcomer you will feel comfortable with this system,  it have all you need:
it is safe, it is simple, it makes you feel comfortable…
10/10 we can’t ask more!

To improve an already great product is not easy and I am surprised very step of the way..

Speed… Power… Stability…
all we are always looking for and we have it all here!!!
Most of the time I’m a LEI kite user and normally even on a landboard and when I go snowkite I do go out with my other Ozone LEI kites… but I think this year kite profile will change that all, for sure LEI kite user will say the same!
Kite behaves so good, turns tight and fast and generates a lot of speed throw the flight window.
It was a gusty night but was pretty easy to handle with that, stability is awesome, handling it is super easy.
It is not a beginner kite. We all know that this kite is made for intermediate to advanced riders and It is a kite to make you go further and to another level but It really can be handled easily by a new kiteboarding fan.
Total flag out option is perfect and and webbing brake handle very effective.
Ozone kites have all the reasons to be proud of this completely new design.

This is just what I found in a couple of hours riding, I’m shure this will be my weapon of choice most of the days on land and snow.

Let’s grab a demo guys!!!
Filipe Ribeiro

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