First Race of the season – Ozone Podium!

Posted on September 25th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hi everyone,

Here some news of Thierry Guibal, Laurent Calatayud and Thomas Bouzerand from south of France!

For the first race of the season which took place in Leucate the wind conditions were perfect: around 10-14 knots, on shore, all the weekend !

Thanks to the wind conditions, we were able to test the brand new Chrono 15m I received few days before the race.

I finally had the possibility to try the Chrono and I can say that I was pleasently surprised !

First day:
For the first run, Thierry took the Chrono 15m, Laurent the 7.5m Quantum and I took the 6.3m Quantum. A great fight for the first place between Thierry and I which ended with a first place for me with a gap of less than 50 centimeters of advance on Thierry! With 25m of lines the Chrono was handicapped, but with 17m of lines it would become unbeatable!

For the second run, Only Laurent changed kite, he took the 6.3m Quantum. The wind direction changed a little bit and the Chrono were unbeatable, Thierry won this run with a significant gap, I finished at the second place and Laurent finished at the third place.

Second day:
For the third run, we took the same kite: 11.2m Quantum. After the star procedure I took the lead and I kept this place until the end. Thierry finished second and Laurent third.

For the fourth run, I finally decided to take the Chrono 15m for the first time, Laurent kept the 11.2m Quantum and Thierry took the 13.5m Quantum. I took the lead after the start procedure but due to a mistake I made in a trajectory choice Thierry took the lead and never left it. I finished at the second place, Laurent took the third place.

For the last run, we kept our kites. Thierry took the lead and we were fighting for the lead almost all the run but the wind direction changed a little bit and the Chrono took the advantage on the Quantum! Again! I finished first, Thierry second and Laurent third.

Finally, this first race ranking is:
1st : Thomas Bouzerand (Ozone Quantum / Chrono)
2nd : Thierry Guibal (Ozone Quantum / Chrono)
3rd : Laurent Calatayud(Ozone Quantum)

A lot of fun fighting with Thierry and using these amazing kites from Ozone! Thanks!

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