France Kite Buggy GP Dunkerque

Posted on April 28th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

This weekend the final round of the championship of France kite buggy was held in Dunkerque, here is the summary of our riders:

Alexis Verhaeghe: “Hi everybody, my name is Alexis (F311). I am 18 years old. I am part of the OZONE and GT-RACE team riders. I’ve got my QUANTUM since end of January and last weekend I have raced for the first time in French National competition at Dunkerque, with my new kites.

With a gusty Off shore wind (10-25 knots), I really enjoyed the 3 races of Sunday! (Saturday was only one hour of free driving because of the lack wind) For the first race, I used the 7.5sqm and finished 3rd! The kite is very stable and makes me feel very confident. I even didn’t get a collapse of the kite and of course, with those strong conditions, it was a clear advantage! For the second race, the wind remained the same and with the same size, I managed to finish 6th. During the 3rd race, I took the start with the 4sqm and after one upwind kilometre, I was the first to ending the course. Flag! After the first lap, the wind went down and I had to go back to change the kite and take the 5sqm, but I was able to finish 6th. Finally, I finished 3rd at the general ranking. It’s clear that the stability and the qualities of the QUANTUM were essential to get this result!!! I am now more and more motivated to become better and better after this discovery of the QUANTUM. The season will be very exiting with the 8hours of les Hemmes and the French Championship end of May.

But before that races, see you in dePanne the 20th of April to continue the story!!”

Thierry Guibal: “After a long absence on the circuit, because of a surgery to remove the patch that I had in the wrist, what finally better than ending 2nd at the Grand Prix of Dunkerque?
I was such in the hurry of testing the performances of the Quantum during a race, that I can really say that I haven’t been disappointed! Stability and performance were there!
An irregular gusty wind, changing directions all day long, didn’t allow us to validate the races of saturday. Fortunately on sunday the conditions were slightly better, and we did 3 races. 
The race was pretty technical, going upwind and downwind, the whole on a beach with various hard or soft sandbanks separated from small rivers.
Onto the first departure, the Quantum immediately put me at ease, with a great capacity of facing the gusts. I arrive pretty fast in the main platoon and, in downwind I outstripe all my opponents and do all the race far in front of…
The second departure takes place as the first one, but this time I take an even more important advantage on the upwind. Onto the last tack, before the finish line, I decided to go by the edge of sea and there I realized my mistake: I was running on a fishing net fastened to the ground with pickets! To insure I prefer to go out of my buggy to avoid bursting wheels, I end 2nd! 
Finally onto the last round, the wind increased. despite a bad choice of size of sail I arrive 3rd of the race, and I finish 2nd at the general ranking.
Thanks to the club of the Albatross, as well as to the volunteers for the welcome.
 Nice feelings with the Quantum, great race wing, good reactivity in gusty wind, stability & performances, all I like!”

photos copyright Florine Verhaeghe and Gaëtan Philippet

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