Jack Elston – November Session

Posted on November 27th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

The frost is just around the corner and the fields are boggy and wet, yes another winter is upon us and for most kiteboarders the kite gear gets put in the closet until it warms up but me and Ash Garwood braved the cold and wet to make the most of the wind and dry weather before it makes a turn for the worst.

We both met down our local spot Essex kite park where the ground was damp but we were still able to ride and keep our edge in the slippery conditions. What I felt like was going to be a miserable light wind session turned into a charging ramp and rail session, both busting out skate style tricks on the big kicker at the park and doing low grab tricks, this made a change from the boosty powered up sessions me and Ash are used to with the C4’s.

My 12m and Ash’s 11m C4 both worked well in the light conditions delivering power and bar pressure when needed, most kites would luff and fall out the sky in these conditions but the C4 remained stable and kept constant power throughout the tricks making it an easy and effortless ride in these tough conditions. Lets hope the winter passes quick so summer 2014 can begin yewwww!

Safe riding out there guys
Jack Elston

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