Jack Elston on the C4

Posted on June 7th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hey people, after a long weary English winter after getting back from NZ and as we start to see the beginning of the beautiful summer weather there is no better time to talk to you about why I think the C4 in my opinion is the best kite out there!

In my quiver I go for the 12m & 10m as these sizes seem to work best for me every year, the 12m for 25knots down and the 10m for anything stronger that way I can still ride what ever the wind is up to and still be able to go big.

I mainly use my 12m as I can hold it down in most winds and like the feeling of having loads of power behind the kite and on demand. That must be my favourite thing about the C4 is the amount of depower in the bar. When I’m really powered up and trying to tack upwind to a ramp or rail its really hard to get on the right line when your kites trying to kill you but this isn’t the case with the C4, its depower allows me to spill off all that unwanted traction until I hit the ramp and want to boost big.

Being a land boarder gusty winds is something you just learn to deal with but with the C4 it makes riding in gusty conditions a pleasure. It eats through the gusts making it a smoother and more enjoyable ride, while other people are getting thrown about and complaining about the wind I’m just going big and saying I don’t know what your taking about.

This kite fits very well with my style of riding and allows me to go big and get the perfect amount of hang time to nail a trick but keeping the speed up so I don’t just come to a stand still but keep on riding, making my tricks look smooth and fluent.

The C4 is everything a land boarder wants in a kite, its stable, powerfully, poppy, not mega fast and has amazing depower. You don’t work with this kite the kite works with you making effortless flying and gives the rider just an all round great riding experience.

The C4 really gives you a new drive and makes pushing your limits that little bit easier

Train hard, Ride easy
Jack Elston

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