Jayden Bosveld

Jayden Bosveld - kiteloop 

  • Date of Birth: 01/03/1994
  • Website: Vimeo / Facebook
  • Discipline: Freestyle/Wakestyle
  • Competitive Highlights: I haven’t had the chance to compete in any freestyle events yet. I suppose a kitesurfing highlight would be being featured on a double-page in KBM.
  • Home Spot: Safety Bay
  • Favorite Spots: Augusta, Safety Bay
  • Favorite Gear: Ozone C4’s!
  • Favorite Moves: I’d probably say L3’s – and double s-bends are always good fun. But double backroll kiteloops in 30+ knots are the best! (but only the ones when you don’t crash and die).
  • More Important Than Kiting: I wouldn’t consider kiting to be very ‘important’ – but hell it’s awesome! Important things would be my relationship with God and also family.
  • Inspiration: On the ‘Youngblood’s camp’ both Luke Whiteside and Ewan Jaspan helped push my riding. Also, in Safety Bay there are always a lot of pros coming through that always keep me striving to progress.
  • What do you do in your free time?: Heaps. Wakeboarding, a bit of surfing, running, cycling, going to the beach, freerunning, winching, making fireworks and metal projects, making little videos and reading like a cool kid.
  • Whats on your iPOD: All the good stuff. The National, Tame Impala, Bon Iver, James Blake, Boy and Bear, Snakadaktal, Pilgrim (Josh White), Arctic Monkeys, Junip and the rest of the good stuff. Too much good stuff.
  • Future Plans and Goals: Finish studying Physics and Engineering at Uni, get a job and work.
  • Dream Session: Flat Water, the Pond (Safety Bay) to myself and a few mates, with the kicker and slider (without the ranger confiscating them) from midday to night. It’s a ‘dream’ session and I think it’s staying that way.
  • Other Sponsors: West Oz KiteBoarding
  • Parting Words: Yo.