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Posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Hi everyone,

winter is still not finished, big days are coming!! I just want to be back on the latest weeks.

During so many years, we have been absorbed by the Lautaret pass and his famous south East wind to go to 3 évéchés and compagnie. BUT! There are so many other mountains to ride!! and with less driving..

During my work in Monetier les Bains ski resort, I checked the mountains around, they are steep mountains, but you can have better sessions here than in Serre Chevalier, so why not try!

It’s not fat flat spot, it’s high and steepy spot, you reach the summit, pack and ride nice couloirs!!Everybody in the valley knows them, we saw them each days!! and “Etendard” was for the moment one of the best ride of the winter!!

After that, we decided to try a big glacier called Tabuchet in la Grave (2000m run)..each time you take this road you see this’s super fat, 3 500m high and famous!!

NW wind was pretty tricky and gusty, we just reached the beginning of the glacier, the more technical part was done…but the wind started blowing down really strong…I supppose that the cold air from the glacier could be stronger than 20knots of wind..Doesn’t matter we will try that again and again…until the summit.

Thanks to the Summit (12m and 8m Ultralight) now, we are able to go everywhere, where the wind is going!! Even where it was not imaginable a few years ago!!

There are snowkite spots everywhere, each place with snow can be a playground one day.. and life will be too short for riding just all the mountains in your surrounding!!! :) :) :)

Have great ride
See u

Johann Civel

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