Johnny Heineken – 1st place 16th Annual Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race

Posted on September 10th, 2014 by Ozone Kitesurf

Gnarly! Definitely the craziest B2B I’ve raced on a kite. For the last few years the race has been on an ebb tide with good breeze, so tough conditions overall but manageable. I set the record 2 years ago at 14:14 on a courseboard, and at 12 minutes last year on a foil. This year was gusting into the 30s with an even stronger ebb- full survival conditions. I had a good start and drag raced with Joey Pasquali for the first mile or so. Then the waves jacked up and I was able to stretch out a bit. I was lit on an 8m Edge and throttling back most of the time just to keep the foil in the water. I held it together with only a light stumble on a gybe to the finish and finished 1st in 15:01. I’ve never been so relieved to stop going downwind…

A couple days later Stefaans and I were out ripping around at crissy in a flood tide and solid southerly breeze so we decided to see how fast we could do the course. I made it to just about where the finish boat sits in 11 minutes flat. Can’t wait to get some conditions like that one of these years!


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