Malte Lutz – Chrono dominating at the first races – 2015 German Kitebuggy Championships

Posted on August 11th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hi folks,

last weekend we had the first races for the upcoming 2015 German Kitebuggy Championships on Romo, DK. With a challenging party weekend in SPO during the kitesurfworldcup and perfect weather conditions it turned out to be a dream of kiting. Together with my teammates Björn and Max we prepared ourselves with a short warmup party to kick some asses ;)

Björns comeback in the open class should not be too easy as many good riders were registered. Never the less Björn showed his skills and with 4 first places and 1 second place he became first riding the insane CHRONO! Well done Björn! Furthermore Max got a couple of good runs on the QUANTUM and CHRONO as well which made him end up on the 3rd place of the high level german master class.

As I’m getting more and more used to the CHRONO it was a good weekend to show what this high performance race kite is able to do! Not to mention that I could win 5 out of 5 races with a huge gap to the rest of the fleet, Björn thought it was a good idea to count the time between me and the 2nd place. When he told me that it was an advance of 2 mins on a 8 min round, I was just blown away.

Well, if you want to be one of the fastest riders out there, whatever it’s on land, snow or water, go and get yourself one of these CHRONO beauties! What time is it? Its CHRONO time!

Cheers to everyone!

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