Man on the Snow – Oslo to Nordkapp

Posted on January 30th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Because snow and ice are non else than precious, stored, frozen water.

Man on the Snow, Oslo to Nordkapp by fair means is the new environmental project by Giacomo De Stefano. Following his three years long journey from London to Istanbul across european rivers, and in the wake of a new sailing project, Giacomo now wants to get back where it all begins: snow.

Snow and ice are our freshwater reserves: Rivers are mostly coming from there.

From early February 2014 to May 2014, Giacomo will travel by ski in a sustainable way from Oslo to Nordkapp, across Norway, Sweden and Finland to film a documentary about the many ways of dealing positively with nature. A skied trip of 3.000 km touching famous ski resorts like Lillehammer and wild territories still inhabited by the last nomads of Europe: the Sami.

In his ‘one-man-band’ journey he’ll carefully look at the increasing and long terms effect impact of winter tourism. Giacomo grew up in the Alps, where hundreds of ski resorts are nowadays working. He saw the pros and cons of the so called ‘white gold business’. Its positive effects and its damages.

He will travel using Idris ecoskis built by using recycled wood, flax and ecoresins, locally built Plum ski bindings, a special revolutionary device for rescue in the water, Restube, beaver bean’s derived organic plastic ski boots provided by Scarpa, and organic cotton and wool clothes.

Thanks to the help of the Museo Maritimo de Barcelona, GrownBoards and boatbuilder Sebastià Vidal of Barques de Fusta, in Mallorca, he’s also built an ecological pulk-kayak to carry his gears and provisions. Giacomo will sleep in a tent inspired by the Sami tipi a Lavvu, built with organic cotton and wear traditional natural clothes.

Wherever possible, he’ll also use a snow kite donated by Ozone and recharge batteries by using solar panels provided by FuturaSun.

The journey will be documented in real time on Facebook and on the Man on the Snow website, with the help of designer Pati De Ross and communication partner Eden Exit.

To catch up with Giacomo at

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