Marc Grübener – Summit Ultralight review

Posted on January 20th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Actually what does a kite need to deliver? It has to be light and must pack very small, that you are able to easily carry two kites and all the other stuff you need for the day like isolation jacket, some drinks, food, spare lines, camera and so on – at the same time the kite needs to be very powerful, stable, easy to land, stressless in ground handling and as far as possible explosive like a C-kite. To this day Ozone is the first brand that managed to put these features all together in one kite.

For 6 years now I have been kiting with Ozone kites in the snow, on the mountainboard and in the water. As in 2012 the first Frenzy Ultralight was released my mates and I were pretty excited. As during last year rumour had it Ozone will release an ULTRALIGHT version of the Summit, it was pretty clear what will come…Now I can say the Summit ULTRALIGHT is definitely the snowkite with most C-feel of all snowkites I have ever flown.

In the Christmas time we have been at the Feldberg, Germany, and a few other spots in Switzerland and there we were able to test the 12m Summit and the 12m Summit ULTRALIGHT face to face. Very soon we realised, that it is the higher turning speed compared to the standard version, that gives the ULTRALIGHT the insane kick. The speed the 12m Summit ULTRALIGHT generates when it flys back up in the zenith after a kiteloop is for a foilkite in that size absolutely unmatched. A Kite with that rate of agility, performance, stability and feedback is simply new in the world of snowkiting. We first had to test it for ourselves before we could believe that it is the lighter foil, that brings a clear plus in stability.

At many alpine spots, due to trees or lack of wind, you have to skin/hike up before you can set up your kite and start ripping. That especially in such cases the ULTRALIGHT with its light weight and small packing design is very helpful is not hard to believe for anybody, but that also in flatlands the difference to the standard version is cause of the more performance and stability so good to feel we first hat to test with our own hands. The good thing is that the winter is not even at its half time :)

Marc Grübener

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