Marek “Murphy” Zach and Kari Schibevaag – 1st Places World Freestyle Snowkite Masters 2014

Posted on January 29th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

CONGRATULATIONS MURPHY AND KARI for winning the Freestyle at the Snowkitemasters – Col du Lautaret France. Here are some words from Murphy on his SKM 2014 experience…

“I left for the SnowKite Masters this year with an odd feeling. I was the 2013 world champ and I knew everyone’s attention – other competitors’, the media, the organisers – would be turned on me & my riding. They were all happy to see me there but I knew that this year I’d really have to step up and live up to my title.

On the first day we were greeted by unpleasant cloudy skies that stayed with us almost till the end. The weather didn’t also help the organizers … Maybe it’s due to the lack of the popular Matthias Charton this year, who always managed to keep the races and the weather (!) at a stellar level. From the start we kept running into some difficulties. Because the wind kept changing directions we had to set up the race circuit in two places.

Being provided with a snowcat you’d think it would be a trifle… not really. That also turned out to be a challenge – the Frenchman highlander who drove the snowcat didn’t speak a word English, or any other language for that matter. After 3 days, we got to rebuilding the many small ski jumps the snowcat had built, to suit not only skiiers but boardriders as well. Me and a group of other riders, with just snow shovels tried to dial those jumps in just right to but it wasn’t easy.

After the first heat of the skiers everyone could see that the park was still not world championship material. Pressed for time to finish the race and other events, the organizers called in the snowcat again and this time in about 10 minutes it shaped the park perfectly to every crisp detail worthy of 10th annual SnowKite Masters – big thanks to the organizer for such a quick response.

The weather in the mountains changes quickly and the French Alps are no exception. For the most part we had fog, clouds, changing winds and constant snowfall so we were forced to cancel some days. The last day, however, totally blew us away. We had a good forecast but it looked as though we’d have fog all day…and fog we had but only till noon, then the sun came out and we understood why this place had 300 sunny days a year! Within seconds the wind cleared the fog and revealed a snowkiter’s dreamland! It was amazing! Everybody was yelling and jumping of joy. It was such an awesome feeling to be riding up and then down again on pristine, untainted powder on your own private ski lift that was willing to take you as far as you wanted to go.

I am really happy to have defended my World Freestyle SnowKite Master title for the second time. I want to thank my family and my sponsors for supporting me on my way to the top! Ride Hard or GO home – Murphy PunK Sponsors: Ozone, Future, Mystic, JoviTravel, GoPro, Snowboard Zezula, Acai, Pitcha, Projekt Uśmiech, colostrum immune


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