Matt Roney

Matthew Roney

  • Date of Birth: 21/03/1990
  • Website:
  • Discipline: Waves
  • Competitive Highlights: 1st place NSW State Titles 2016, 1st place Kitestock 2013.
  • Home spot: Gerringong and the magical surrounds of the NSW South Coast
  • Favourite Spots: Coolum points and Windang
  • Favourite Gear: Ozone Reo kites
  • Favourite Moves: Gouging chunks of water off waves
  • More important than kiting: Good health, so as soon as it’s blowing I’m good to go
  • Inspiration: People who live life to their own script
  • What do you do in free time?: A combination of surfing, SUP’ing and taking photos
  • What’s on your iPod: RUFUS and Flight Facilities are on high repeat
  • Future plans and goals: Travel, travel, travel and lots of ocean time
  • Dream session: Conditions soo clean that surfers are still in the water
  • Other Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, URGE Boarding, Jaystore
  • Interesting saying: Two sides of a triangle are together greater than the third
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