Nathan (Nate) Pizzuto

Nathan or Nate Pizzuto

  • Nathan Pizzuto
  • DOB:20/07/2007
  • Discipline: Waves & Freeride
  • Competitive Highlights: NKL 1st place, Under 18’s Western Australia
  • Home Spot: The Pond, Safety Bay WA
  • Favourite Gear: 6m Ozone Enduro, 4m UNO for the big days
  • More Important than Kiting: Family & Friends
  • Inspiration: Jason Lewis, and Dad!
  • What do you do in your free time: Surf, Mountain biking, Skateboarding, Roller blading & Lego
  • What’s on your iPod: Eye of the Tiger, It’s my life (Bon Jovi)
  • Future Plans & Goals: Get a barrel with a strapless surfboard
  • Dream Session: Graveyards/ Exmouth, 25knots with all my kitesurfing friends
  • Favourite move: Dark slide
  • Favourite spots: Graveyards/Exmouth & Augusta
  • Interesting Saying: Go hard or Go home