News from team Ozone – Fixed Bridle Foil Kites and Accessories

Posted on August 13th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Hello everyone, we have taken a big decision at Ozone to stop manufacturing the fixed bridle foil kites and accessories. The reason for stopping is that we would like to concentrate our time on depower foils and water kites and to keep driving forward innovation in the kite world.

We will of course continue with our warranty on all products and you will still be able to buy Ozone products for the next few months at your local shop.

We will be keeping the Ignition Trainer kite in the range. We will be stopping the Quattro, the Octane, the Method, the Pure and the Quantum and accessories.

Everybody in the team at Ozone would like to thank all of our customers for all the dedication to our fixed bridle foils over the past 12 years.

Team Ozone

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