Noah Poritz – 15m Summit review

Posted on December 2nd, 2013 by Ozone Snowkites

The 2014 Ozone Summit has a new size – 15 square meters!   This new size blends the powerfully fast performance of the Summit design with a size that will get the bigger riders (I’m one) moving in the lightest of winds.  I have had the good fortune to fly the 15 Summit and the adjective that comes to mind is “remarkable”.

My last session with the 15m was in winds that were flowing between 12 – 20mph.  This kite, like all the Summit sizes, has a lot of range.  At the low end I needed no adjustment of the center line cleat.  At 20mph, I pulled in about three inches.  This allowed me to keep the bar towards the center of its travel, right in the sweet spot.  Any kite of this size is going to give one a great feeling of vertical support.  I was able to fully lie out my upper body while moving along at a very fast clip.  Fully supported by the canopy, skis fully laid over on edge, one can really enjoy the ride that the 15m Summit brings to snowkiting.

I flew my 15m side by side with partner’s Summit 12m and the turning speed was just a notch slower in the jibes.  That was to be expected since aggressive, snappy, powered jibes are usually the domain of smaller kites.  What is remarkable is how fast one comes up to speed with this wing.  Even without any sining of the kite I quickly overtook my friend’s 12m and rapidly outdistanced him.

Boosting off flat terrain was so easy with this kite.  Load, send it and you will feel the speedy elevator ride for which the 15m excels.  Redirection was fine, not instantaneous but speedy enough to land boosts with powerful forward speed.

Grunt:  This kite has it.  The amount of torque this kite displays is also remarkable.  If you are fully powered, be prepared to harness the pull that this wing brings to your kiting.  In all sizes the Summit is notable for its ability to loop extraordinarily well.  This kite will loop with constant and dependable pull, just be prepared for how much pull it can deliver.

This year’s Summits have a number of noticeable and not-so-noticeable refinements.  The design changes at the wing end are subtle.  When stalling or landing the kite with the use of the break handle, the kite behaves with more control and is more compliant than ever before.  This design characteristic is evident with all of the 2014 Summits.

At the bar end, the line floats on the back lines have been eliminated.  The flag-out safety now goes through the newly redesigned Megatron chicken loop.  The leash now clips below this release.  The new Megatron is now a push away design with an extraordinarily compact and positive feeling release mechanism.  Clearly a lot of modern design engineering went into this highly evolved thermoplastic molding – all for our safety and on-snow convenience!  Reloading a released Megatron is easy even with heavy gloves.  The Megatron also incorporates a swiveling barrel which allows the ride to easily untwist the flag-out safety line while riding.  So if you are looping your kite one direction only, line twists are easily eliminated on-the-fly!

The 2014 Summit incorporates all the great performance of last year’s model with noticeable improvements at the bar end and the subtle refinements at the wing end.  With the addition of the 15m size, one can now have a complete quiver for the lightest of winds and for the heaviest of riders.

Thanks for reading and see you out there,

Noah Poritz
Bozeman, Montana

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