Ozone 2013 Wanakite Snowkite Freeride

Posted on September 11th, 2013 by Ozone Snowkites

The 2013 Ozone Wanakite Snowkite Freeride was a great success with good strong winds on more than half the 8 days & sufficient winds on the light days to give the new big kites from sponsor Ozone a good workout among free riders. Ozone have added a 15m SUMMIT to their range this year and everyone was blown away with how good it was along with the all new Access and all new Frenzy.

With changing wind directions during the week riders were able to adventure way into the backcountry of the vast Old Man Range on a few occasions, experiencing kiting around backcountry huts & valleys not normally visited in the past by big groups of kiters.

On one day we had 60 people kiting the area. As per usual Snowfarm in the Cardrona valley gave us easy access to the Pisa Range, good for learners finding their feet with the sport, but also the good snow up high offering a mix of excellent spring snow & after mid weeks dusting of the fresh stuff, some powder to play. Apres ski at Snowfarm carrying into Wanaka town on a few nights.

My group kited all 8 days in a row & making for tired limbs and a few early nights by the weeks end. For the final night we had a Prize giving pizza night at Urban Grind in Wanaka town, packed house for the Big Ozone Kite giveaway! Mike Dibb from Christchurch was the lucky winner from the draw we had, & he chose for himself a 10m 2014 Summit depower foil kite. Other draw prizes included event hoodies, and everyone took away event Tee-shirts sponsored by Ozone Kites!

Words – Tim Stockman
Photos – Richard Prout, Dan Joblin

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