Ozone Dominating German Championships

Posted on June 17th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

This year’s German kitebuggy championships ended last weekend on the island of Borkum. As usual Dominik and Malte were highly motivated and arrived some days before the event to enjoy the huge beach. The first racing day welcomed everyone with blue sky and a good breeze of wind. With each 3 Master-Class and 3 Open-Class races it was a good day to show what our riders are able to do. Both Dominik and Malte decided to go for the 15m & 12m Chrono and left everyone behind in the dust with a total of 6 first places for Ozone. Unfortunately the second day could not deliver enough wind to start a scoreable race.

Malte was able to win the German championship with a flawless result of 0 points, which means he scored 11/11 first places! Over the season Malte was driving the Quantum as well as the Chrono depending on wind and weather conditions. Read his short statement about choosing the right kite below:

“For me it was a great chance to have the Quantum as well as the Chrono in my quiver. Using the powerful and fast accelerating Quantum was just kick ass for all technical courses set up in St. Peter Ording with up to 15 turning marks. And also for the high wind races we had I still love the 3.5m Quantum. It is super stable and incredible fast. For sure one of the best high wind kites I’ve ever used in the buggy. On the other hand we had several light and normal wind racing days with huge courses and challenging down- and upwind parts. Therefore I decided to take the Chrono to be able to be as fast as possible. Due to its depower capabilities you can just ride as you want and take care of the beach instead of the kite. Also for gusty offshore wind races to Chrono was my weapon of choice because of the enormous stability.”

Dominik managed to win the German championship in the open class with 8 out of 10 first places. Well done Dom! This is a great result for Ozone in the challenging German championships.

Please find all results HERE

If you want to start serious racing, no matter if it’s on land or water, you should consider using the Quantum or Chrono. Don’t hesitate and ask one of our team riders or local shops to get a test kite and enjoy another perfect kiting day!

Team Ozone

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