Ozone Wavecoaching and REO Testival in Denmark

Posted on September 26th, 2014 by Ozone Kitesurf

..lovely it was, this second REO testival and waveriding clinic coached by Ozone teamrider Marc Ramseier and organized by german Ozone distributor Sanja Wiegmann in „Cold Hawaii, Denmark“.

Now, here we are, back home: Suffering from this well known mixture of a weird heartache combined with an urgent wanderlust. The kind that kicks in after having fulfilling days, surrounded by great people at a beautiful place while scoring on the water.

These two weeks were just not what you’d expect from this nordic country. The danish autumn is supposed to be rough, cold and rainy, after all! Instead sunshine, breezy mornings and afternoons, mild evenings, barbecues, the need to wear boardshorts and flipflops taught us that nothing is impossible here, in Thy. The twenty participants booked into Marc Ramseiers wave coaching clinics were fortunate with respect to wind too. While a proper disaster of low wind and zero swell had been forecasted, to our surprise everything worked out: Apart from a day of SUPing action and one more of well deserved and appreciated rest, those brand new Ozone REO 2015 were chased over the blue waters of the danish „Jammerbugt“ for long hours each day.

Our days as a rule started with a joined breakfast before Marc run the first theoretic lesson oft he day at home, in our cozy „Ozone Villa“. After this session everyone went to the beach to go rinding. Marc was on the spot, meticulously following each and every move of his students while either video taping the most common mistakes of everyone or giving immediate feedback to help the participants improve right at the spot.

During all the time, the quiver of Reo was constantly in move. This model surely made heaps of new friends. After everyone was surfed out, we met back home in our hut by the beach, where rotatory teams prepared dinner for the rest, while others just rested in the sun or had a look at the cute fishing village of Klitmöller. After dinner everyone met in front of the beamer, gazing at the footage Marc had clocked up during the day, listening to his explanations of what to improve tomorrow. Within the first days, the initial disillusionment of seeing own mistakes was replaced by pride over the individual improvements. The pictures and videos taken throughout the course prove that Marcs concept works. While some made their very first experiences in waves and by the end of the course were fully fallen in love with it,  others worked on those tricky details, those small errors that have been cultivated throughout years without feedback. However ambitious everyone was, I’d say we still laughed nearly more than we kited. New friends have been made. Rideshares were arranged for the next windy sessions at home – some even started planning holidays to wavey destinations together..

Thanks a lot to Marc for his time and effort and to the entire group that came to join our coaching and testival this year! We hope to see you next year again!



Some feedback of the participants of this year’s wave coaching::
Ben: “Marc is an as professional as enthusiastically rousing instructor who is well able to guide everyone to their individual next level of wavekiting. Klitmöller with it’s easily accessible spots, those cozy huts and it’s relaxed surf vibe is probably the best location for a wavecamp on the northern european mainland. The possibility to test the new kitemodels of Ozone, the amazing new REo is rounding the whole thing off.“
„As I’ve never participated in any kind of kitelesson, feelings beforehand were a mix of anticipation as well as scepticism. Completely unfounded, as I was happy to find out within the first couple of minutes oft he theoretic lesson in our cozy hut. Marc is an real professional and expert. It was easy for him to pick everyone up at his or her individual level, explained basic concepts and passed on detailed knowledge about kiting in waves. How handy to have Sanja equip us with the latest model of REO to assure we always had the right kite size for us in the sky. All anxiety vanished, replaced by anticipation and happiness. The video analysis Marc ran with us in the evening helped us focus more on our deficits and characterized the credo of the following days: „Put more pressure on your front leg!“ I saw it, understood it and there was no more excuse: The next day I played in the waves, fully motivated and less excited – and everything worked out better than the day before: Explanation, Seeing oneself, Trying it out really is the clue to success! Loved it!“

Julian: “I really enjoyed the wave camp with Marc and Sanja in Klitmoller, because it was a perfect opportunity to improve my riding – in my case a bit more fluidity and speed in turns and switches – test new kites and different sizes from mine as well as boards, and meet like minded people, who love the sport and everything that comes with it… the sunsets, the light in DK, the spirit, the travelling mindset etc. I am already making plans for my next trip with Marc, maybe to Sardinia or Mauritius and will most likely be back in Klit next year as well.”

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