Patrick Blanc frothing on his new 2015 C4

Posted on November 26th, 2014 by Ozone Kitesurf

Hi guys,
As some of you already know I had to take a break on the PKRA tour this year as my results didn’t go as planned and I had to get back to study.
I also went to the Mentawaii (Indonesia) for Surf trip with my friends and it was such a great adventure! I had time to disconnect and now I feel more motivated about my school work and getting ready for the next PKRA season!

I recently got my new 2015 C4 kites, so I feel really excited to go on the water and train hard!
Only tried the 14m and the 11m yet and they are just perfect for freestyle. The 14m it such a fast kite and feels like a 12m when you fly it, and the 11m has this amazing pop that gives you the boost you need for big freestyle moves with a lot of slack during the trick! They’ve also change the construction of the kite with a new material of Tejin D2 and new reinforcements that provides a much stronger kite.

Not much wind around Barcelona during the winter so I made this video for Red Bull King of the Air, hopefully I get the entry for the event so I can participate and stay a while there for training!!
I would really like to get into this event because it has so much potential and it’s different than the other events as they want to see the biggest air moves and megaloops. I get really excited to go out on my 7m C4 with 40 knots to throw some big megaloops!!

Check out mi video for the entry of the Red Bull King of the Air! Enjoy!”

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