Patrick Blanc training in South Africa

Posted on December 23rd, 2014 by Ozone Kitesurf

Hi everyone,
I arrived last Sunday in Cape Town (South Africa) and the wind has been pumping since.
I had the opportunity to ride with different kite sizes so now I have tried the entire C4 range from the 6m to the 14m. Surely I liked all the kites, but the ones I did enjoy the most were the C4 11m and 9m.
Those sizes are just perfect for learning new tricks, I felt lots of pop at the beginning of the trick and a nice slack during the air time. They are easy kites to learn from the basic freestyle moves to the harder ones.
But the 7m C4 2015 Ozone kite was my personal kite of choice for throwing some boosting megaloops on the double overhead waves from Kite Beach! This kite has so much potential on big jumps or kiteloops, it’s a powerful fast kite that pulls you quickly up in the air with a big boost!
You must go and have a test ride on the new range of C4s at your closest shop!

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