Pete Foulkes – NZ buggy speed record 108km/hr

Posted on December 5th, 2013 by Ozone Landkites

Hi Guys and Girls,

Another epic weekend at Mooseland New Zealand.

The lead up to this weekend started about 6 months ago, when I got my World record on the Kitebike with the Ozone 4m Quantum at 87.7 km/hr, and that was faster than my PB of 86 km/hr in a buggy. So I had to do something about that, getting another wheel made up by my good friend Al and a spare axle I made for Wayne, which was not in use anymore, to turn my Kitebike into a buggy.

I got it all together just before the October Moose meet and in light winds try it out, it was stable and smooth, but did feel fast. I got it up to 78 km/hr and then Perrin the NZ speed record holder went past me, Ok I can live with that.

Back home I made some mods to the front end leading link and then waited for the right winds to come along.

Saturday 30-11-13, lunch time my friend Dan Spiegel turns up at home ready to go moosing, I throw the gear into the truck and we drive the 50 km beach to the northern end, The wind is a lot stronger than forecasted and it’s a prefect NW, the wind meter is sitting on 30 knots gusting 35. That’s speed run weather, ok have I got everything!

We take one vehicle north up the beach to the start point and set up the buggy. I get the 1.6m IMP Trainer out and test the wind, the kite is very angry as it roars threw the power window, Hmm, Ok time for something a bit stronger, I start to get the 3m Quantum out, but I change my mind and go for the 4m Quantum instead. We set the kite up at the Western edge of the window with a lot of sand on it and run out the line, making sure everything is perfect. We zero the GPS’s and Dan checks them, cameras on and I lock in the quick release. One last check everything ready, Ok, I back the buggy up a little and point it down wind for the start, I give the left handle a little pull to move the kite, it flaps a little and then BANG, it’s in the sky in front of me, launches the buggy like a top fueller drag car, I’m trying to keep to buggy straight as it accelerates and not getting pulled into the soft sand, as the beach curves away downwind it gets easier to hold my line and I start working the Quantum. What a kite, I’m so in love with them, It’s so well behaved. I don’t have time to look at my arm mounted GPS until I feel like I’m slowing down, I’m heading almost straight downwind now , I look at the GPS, Max 107 km/hr, Wow. I brake the kite and run the buggy into the soft sand to slow down. As I stop with kite behind me I brace myself as the kite bouncers past downwind, with brakes on ready for the kite to liven up until my support team arrives. I get out and check the GPS’s 107 ,107 and 108.

Ok that was Awesome, let’s do it again , so back to the start point for the second run , We did the same set up again and run down the beach was almost the same , apart from think what can I do to the buggy or kite to make it faster. At the end of the second run I check the GPS’s this time 107,108 and 109 km/hr. that will do a New Zealand buggy speed record 108 km/hr is mine.

Only 2 km/hr under the World beach speed record, but that can wait for another time, plus I’m in the 100km/hr + club now as well.

A very special thanks to my friends and support team and the Ozone team for such awesome kites.

Cheers and happy kiting
Pete Foulkes aka Gannet

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