Ignition Trainer Kite Bar


The Ignition Trainer kite Bar is designed specifically for the Ignition Trainer kite. Comes with a wrist leash safety system. Ignition kites are normally flown with 3 x 18M flying lines. With lines $179

  • Composite 50cm Bar.
  • EVA covered 3D grip with easy 
to identify colours for left or 
right side.
  • Rear brake line.
  • Single webbing safety wrist leash with release handle connected to rear line for easy and effective stall system.
  • Benchmark Ozone Megatron Chickenloop bar to harness connection.
  • 2 x 180/110kgs 18m flying 
lines made from the highest quality colour-coded Dyneema with Ozone’s line label connection system.