Quantum strikes again at “Les 100 km de Leucate”

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

Hi Everyone,

Here some news from French Buggy team riders Thierry Guibal, Thomas Bouzerand and Laurent Calatayud.

After the first round of the Mediterranean Challenge, which took place at l’Espiguette on the 29th March. We had the second round this weekend during the “Mondial du vent” event at LaFranqui, the mythical race of “Les 100km de Leucate”.

After irregular wind conditions, which changed from Offshore to Onshore every 5 minutes, the wind seemed to establish on the Offshore side. The race began:

A word from Thierry Guibal:

“While the race director made the circuit, I was arriving into the technical area, preparing my kites and I just had the time to take the 7.5m² Quantum before the start procedure began.

I crossed the start line ten seconds after the signal, I was at the fourth place during the upwind tack but I took the second place by the first race mark. As I didn’t listen explanations during the briefing I prefered to stay behind the first pilot in order to learn properly the circuit. Once it was done, I took the first place and after five laps I put a comfortable distance between me and the second pilot.

Unfortunately the wind played with us and begin to decrease, I decided to take the 11.2m² Quantum, It was good until the wind decided to completely stop, to make a 180° turn and to establish from the On-shore side. I’ve made a few laps before the wind get stronger, so I changed again to the 7.5m² Quantum.

After that, I had a comfortable 2 laps advance so I decided to slow down the rhythm and to enjoy the Quantum! Deadman turns during the downwind tacks and at one race mark! that was amazing!

I saw the checkered flag after 2h45 of race. I won, like last year, the 100km of Leucate race!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t pretend to the title of Mediterranean Challenge’s Champion because I didn’t compete during the first round at l’Espiguette, I was present as race director on this event!”

A word from Thomas Bouzerand:

“I decided to start the race with the 7.5m² Quantum. That was the good choice for the beginning of the race, I crossed the start line at first position!. I kept this position for only one lap due to a mistake during a turn at a race mark. After that I was third, the wind was really weird but the amazing stability of the Quantum allowed me to keep my place while some pilots fought with their kites to make them fly.

I also had to change my kite when the wind changed so I stopped at the same time as Thierry and I took the 11.2m² Quantum. When the wind stopped, I was with Thierry,  In the middle of the circuit, talking and waiting for the wind. The wind came back strongly and I had to change once again after only 2 laps, I decided to take the 9.3m² Quantum but my lines were completely tangled, so I took the 7.5m² Quantum. At this time, I lost the count of ranks on the race, so I gave my best to not be overtaken and try to be faster than other pilots to gain places as much as possible, and the Quantum helped me a lot.

After 2 hours of race, I began to feel tired and the wind seemed to be stronger, I decided to change to the 6.3m² Quantum which was easier to handle for me and allowed me to be faster during moves and turns thanks to the speed it delivers.

I finished the race at the second place! This rank, added to my first place at the race of l’Espiguette, made me climb onto the highest step of the Mediterranean Challenge podium!”

A word from Laurent Calatayud:

“After only two months riding with the Quantum, and a podium during the race at l’Espiguette on the 29th March, this race was the second one allowing me to enjoy my new kites.

Before start procedure, I saw Thomas taking his 7.5m² Quantum so I decided to take the 9.3m² Quantum which still was in the original packaging!

After a late departure, I managed to quickly join Thierry and Thomas who were leading the race. Because of wind conditions I had to make a first stop in order to  set my kite lines length to gain control on my kite.

Once the wind direction changed and its speed increased, I was able to keep the 9.3m² Quantum! Downwind parts were amazingly fast and full speed jibes were exhilarating! Thanks to the stability of the Quantum in gusty winds and it’s high wind range I kept the same kite during the whole race compared to other pilots who often changed their kites.

Still in the learning process with the Quantum but its stability and maneuverability are providing me good feelings, it was logical it should give results!”

To sum up :

First Round of the Mediterranean Challenge at l’Espiguette :
1st place : Thomas Bouzerand
2nd place : Laurent Calatayud
Race director : Thierry Guibal

Second Round of the Mediterranean Challenge at LaFranqui :
1st place : Thierry Guibal
2nd place : Thomas Bouzerand
3rd place : Laurent Calatayud

Mediterranean Challenge final ranking :

1st place : Thomas Bouzerand
2nd place : Laurent Calatayud

Stay tuned for the next season, you will surely read more exciting news from us, Quantum rocks!!

We want to thank the whole organisation and volunteers for these two wonderful races.
Special thanks for our two friends Michel and Jacky for helping us during numerous kites changing all along the race.

Photos : Marie Braud

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