Rémi Dineur – Kirghizia’s expedition

Posted on October 11th, 2013 by Ozone Snowkites

The Kirghizia, a country still influenced by its nomadic culture and its communist past.

Most of the country is mountainuous with some mountains reaching over 7.000 metres.

A varied french team of climbers, led by Laurent Nifnecker left in May 2012 to explore its wild spaces and enjoy their favourite sport “ski de randonnee”.

Among them, 2 members of the Ride up’s team, Valere Bouchard and Remi Dineur with their Ozone snowkites.

They realised the potential of this country, even though their task was made harder by difficult winds and hardly any snow, specially on the sunny side of the mountain.

Unfortunately, the peak Lenine (7134 metres) wasn’t reached such were the weather conditions.

With this short film, Remi would like to share this experience.

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