Snow Kite Masters – Kicks off

Posted on January 14th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Hi everyone,

it’s ten years back now that Ozone organized the first OzoneSnowKiteMasters event at the Col du Lautaret and since then it’s been one of the biggest snow kite events with riders from all over the world battling for the World SnowkiteMaster title. Many thanks to Wareck and Regis who took over the annual organization of the event doing a great job making the event to what it is – a fun come together for riders, visitors and spectaculars.

This years event kicked off with the Mood Race over the weekend. Unfortunately there was only enough wind for one heat on Saturday but they managed to finish off with the finals on Sunday for both categories skies and snowboard. The wind conditions only allowed a small course but the race director made the best out of it and some great battles where going on.

Over night it just dumped another 40cm so it will be perfect conditions for the freestyle competition starting today. Again the set up is amazing with rails, sliders and a massive kicker. We will post more news and pictures soon.

Cheers Team Ozone @ SKM Col du Lautraret

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