Snow Kite Masters – Snow, Fog and Freestyle

Posted on January 15th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Snow, Fog and Freestyle

More snow was dumped over night and the spot got a nice fresh 20cm blanket that needed to be shredded. More snowfall and bad visibility in the morning but it cleared up a little by midday so the freestyle competition was on.

Light winds, big kites once more. Big kickers, rails and sliders – the riders got it all and made the best out of the conditions. They managed to finish the finals for the girls and ski men. Hopefully they can finish the men snowboard by tomorrow.

SnowkiteMaster 2013 – Murphy made it through to the semi finals so let’s see how it goes on tomorrow…

Cheers from the Team Ozone @ Lautaret

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