Snowkite Championship at Lake Resia Italy – CHRONO unbeatable

Posted on February 18th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

The last event for the Italian Snowkite Championship just took place at the Lake Resia Italy. The organizations opened up the competition to anyone so it was a mixed fleet of all sorts of nationalities.

A day training and handing out the all new CHRONOs to testers on Friday everyone was well impressed riding and boosting it with the 15m and 18m in max 10 knots of wind.

The competition started on Saturday with perfect conditions. Wind between 10 to 15 knots, blue sky and great snow on the lake. Four races before lunch break and the freestyle heats right after and another four races in the evening. Each race was only one round which was about 2km. I started off on the 15m CHRONO in the first 3 races but as the wind picked up further gusting up to 20 knots I was fully lit and changed down the 12m for all the other races. It was incredible to pull away from the fleet so quick and easy winning every single race. The CHRONO is just amazing in those conditions and the massive depower made handling the gusts so much fun. When it hits you the kite just gives you a extra boost forward instead of pulling you sideways as most kites would do.

The biggest surprise was Thomas Atzeni who never entered a single race before nor was used to those long race skis neither has flown the CHRONO. After getting the hang out of the course and start etc he was chasing Markus who became 2nd in all races. Anyway he became No 1 in the Italian ranking and 4th over all!

He said, he didn’t have clue what he was doing but he was just going upwind so much more and faster than all others and even downwind: “I really had no idea how to race downwind but considering no one overtook me on that leg the kite must have done the work for me“.

So a great result for the / KiteTracker / Ozone Team with Atzeni becoming the Italian Resia Champion and myself winning the European ranking although it took it’s toll with Ronny crashing full speed downwind at about 70 km/h snapping off his cruciate ligament.

Dom Zimmermann and Team

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