Stefano 1st Place – Roccaraso Italian Snowkite Race Championship

Posted on February 13th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

Last weekend we ran the race of the Italian Championship in Roccaraso. It was a great event with so many people from all over Italy and the boys of Kitetracker from Switzerland.

The spot gave us the magnificent sun and lots of wind and snow. We ran 3 Hits in skiing and 4 in snowboarding. In the first I decided to run with my 9 Frenzy UL but I was overtaken by Ronny with the Edge 17 and Marco with 12 Summit.

The Hit after I decided to use my 12 Summit and with a good start in the first position I was able to close the run in first place. In the third Hit always with strong and gusty winds I started fast behind Marco but in the first mark I managed to pass first and finish the race in first position.

Ronny was much faster than me with his Edge 17 but I have been able to compete with a good strategy to win the competition. I can’t wait to run again with all Kitetracker Team, they are amazing guys.

3,1,1 it’s my final result. Congrats to Corinna Betti 1st in the Woman Sky with Frenzy 7 and Alice Baldan 1st in the Woman Snow with Summit 12.

All Ozone Italia Team Riders were amazing competitors and great promoters for our Ozone brand. Thanks To Foxkite (Ozone Dealer) for sponsorship of this event and providing a lot of Ozone demos during the competition and Mirco from Accaemme.nt (Top Dealer Ozone) for 6th place and bringing passion and a lot of friends. Pity for the misfortune of Marco, he could be on the podium with me! Good job guys.

I am sure that with the CHRONO detachment would have been better and I can not wait to use it in the race. Congratulations to the school Ozone Snowkite Roccaraso (Niccolò, Tommaso and Iko) for a great organization

See you at the Bernina for OSKM


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