Tamatoa Gillot – Teahupoo Sensations

Posted on June 29th, 2013 by Ozone Kitesurf

Hello my good friends…

In the hot islands of Tahiti…

I have been really busy lately chasing the steady wind for having fun, ;-) and the bad unstable wind for testing to the limits my Ozone Edge design by Rob Whittall.

There are two extremes aspect of wind condition that interests my passion of kiteboarding, first the very light wind and second the very strong wind! Wether it is steady or not steady, gusty with up and downs, this is when I like to be amazed by the design and flying skills of the Ozone Edge.

I have noticed an obvious huge difference of having fun in such extreme wind conditions, and I invite you to be your judge at your favorite kite beach…. The next question is very simple; Who is having fun when extreme wind conditions happen at your favorite spot? Who is out smiling, enthusiastic, comfortable and safe when it is the case?

Well here is my answer; It is always the same ones …right? And why? Because they use kites designed by Rob’s passion… Rob is at least one light year ahead!! And thanks to the Ozone Team and work! :) My goal as with the Ozone Team is for you to have the most fun possible out there…and safely!

On the 1st of June 2013 I had the opportunity to put the Edge to the ultimate test in super unstable awful light wind conditions in the crazy wave of my back yard they call Teahupoo.

When I arrived at the spot the waves were produced by God Neptune himself, the biggest and heavier I have ever seen “Du jamais vue” in french (never seen before)

All the best local kitesurfers where at the point but no one out, the world champion Mitu was in the channel on a jet ski waiting for better wind. With the wind mentioned as above I decided to put my 13 Edge up to give it a go, with my TT 136 by 39 to be more mobile in the Teahupoo arena of jet ski gladiator….

Amazed I was to have just enough power generated by my Edge to go upwind and line myself to the take off zone slaloming the jet ski. The other kiteboarders where hallucinating as they could not launch any kites. And Neptune was at work with 7 meter waves pounding the reef and hundreds of spectators screaming on their boats. Gladiators getting crazy barrels like never before…!!!!

Yes it was unreal power and scary deep inside. Feelings inside me was sensational … It was the magic of Rob’s passion sharing with the Ozone team work ;-) I was not alone and I could touch the energy and precision they have put in my Ozone Edge. I felt their satisfaction, their happiness and their confidence and we shared the moment at all times that special day…even Neptune was in harmony with us…

Thank you to all of the Ozone Team, there are no words to describe how alive I felt because you care about us…magic moments do not happen very often! But it happens to me all the time with my Edge 2013. Wind, sun, friends, wave, passion, work, precision, nature, beauty and love was putting my fear away and left me with only the fun…

So after taking off on a couple of bombs the wind died on me on a small wave. I dumped my kite and I was in the wrong spot, in the impact zone…I took the beating with dignity and did not touch the reef… yeepeeee. Shoulder pop off and a sore neck is all I got, yeeepeeee ;-)

I never found my bar and half of my kite….gone! But what a good testing day for the Edge and my swimming skill!

Who is having fun in extreme conditions? always the same ones….

Thank you to all of you in the Ozone Team.

Big Big Cheers
Tamatoa Gillot


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