Ozone Australia Team

For these riders, kiting is a way of life, a passion that has been with them since the first time they learnt to harness the power of wind. This same driving passion for adventure is Ozone’s fuel too. As a group of friends dedicated to designing kites for your excitement and adventure, we are proud to be associated with all our riders. They are each forging new paths, finding new challenges, and excelling in their fields.

Ozone team riders help us present our sport to the public in interesting, alternative and sometimes mind-blowing ways. Their valuable grass roots feedback helps Ozone create the products that you get to play with today.

Ryland BlakeneyRyland Blakeney
AlexAlex Lewis Hughes
Aaron KennyAaron Kenny
Rich Stenning
Shane Simpson
Antoine Sabourin
Matt RoneyMatt Roney
Jordan GirdisJordan Girdis
Andy YatesAndy Yates
Monty SmithMonty Smith
Brad HampsonBrad Hampson
Troy GibsonTroy Gibson
Jarrod SnowJarrod Snow
Toby Whitelaw
Nathan (Nate) Pizzuto
DCIM104GOPRODaniel Patterson
DCIM104GOPROEveline Rijksen
Alessandro Allori