The Ozone team dominates the European championship in Roccaraso, Italy

Posted on February 7th, 2014 by Ozone Snowkites

The Format of the Freeride competition was something special, the future of the competition will be too. The show was unique, the athletes were confronted with strong winds and adverse weather conditions. JoJo has dominated the two hit using his 5m Frenzy UL and Stephen tried to get close with the Access 4m. Varek with his Frenzy 7m has made a second big Hit. The podium Overall everything was in the hands of the Ozone team! Roccaraso was magnificent with flawless organization.

It was a great battle and you have been phenomenal all without exception. Now we can finally communicate the final classification.
I state that we were rigid in assigning penalties for delays larger than 15 minutes, but especially for the steps in forbidden areas.

We believe that you will feel right.

The principles of the evaluation were:
First day:
– total meters x 1
– changes in altitude x 25
– perimeter x 1

Second day:
(with the changing of weather conditions we have introduced the no-go areas because of avalanches. We have therefore decided to reduce the importance of the variations in height, giving more value to the perimeter)
– total meters x 1
– Change in altitude x 5
– perimeter x 2

Many athletes have, due to various problems, reached the point of arrival not in time and are passed on restricted areas. We were forced to give the penalty even when there have been cases of forced manoeuvre.

The next year, thanks to your contribution, we have a system of measurements more accurate.

Final Ranking

1. Johann Civel
2. Stefano Gigli
3. Wareck Arnauld

1. Johanno Civel
2. Stefano Gigli
3. Wareck Arnaud

1. Didier Botta
2. Michele Leoni
3. Reinhold Gehrer

I want to tell you that despite disruptions, delays, early departures would all have had a chance to win.

We carry some nicknames after having seen at work: Johann “the alien”, Stefano “the professor”, Michele “the crazy”, but we can not forget Bruno coming out of the dumpster.

We want to thank everyone, especially Ozone, Flysurfer, Rapace and HQ for choosing the best riders

Get ready for 2015…Congratulations and thanks to all of you

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