Thomas Bouzerand – Les Dunes de l’Espiguette

Posted on April 10th, 2014 by Ozone Landkites

March, the 29th. The race of “Les Dunes de l’Espiguette” took place on the great beach of l’Espiguette in south of France.

The race master made a very great circuit with a fast tack with the wind in the beam followed by a big downwind tack of 600m in dunes before progressing to another tack with wind in the beam in order to finish with a technical upwind zigzag.

I started this 2 hours race with the Quantum 5m², the wind was established around 20 knots with gusts up to 25 knots. I’m 3rd after the start procedure, but I quickly took the second place thanks to the speed the Quantum provides in downwind. Unfortunately, after 2 laps I had to stop because of a technical problem on my buggy. Quickly solved this but I lost my 2nd place with more than half a lap behind the leading pilot.

Thanks to the Quantum, I managed to regain my second place after less than half an hour and I was able to contest and take the first place two laps after.

After an hour of race the wind speed increased up to 30 knots with 38 knots registered gusts! I decided to stop and change to the Quantum 4m². I lost the first place during the substitution but I regained it in less than a lap! The pursuing pilot gave up after a quite big crash, due to a big gust, fortunately, with no consequences for his health. After that I kept my first place until the end of the race with a comfortable advance on the second. I took time to enjoy the downwind tack in dunes which provided great jumps and lot of fun!

After 2 hours of race I was tired but happy to had such fun in race!

The Quantum is an amazing race kite with a very good behavior in gusty winds, stable enough to provide a lot of fun and really efficient in race conditions!

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